Brazilian blowout near me

Skilled stylist updates looks by trimming and styling the strands as well as by applying a face-flattering color and blow-drying hair. Hairdressers offer blowout services to help the clients achieve a smooth and sleek look without damaging the hair. The Brazilian blowout keratin treatment may last up to 12 weeks and can make hair look sleeker and healthier with less frizz.

Skilled stylist offers clients of all hair types confidence boost with new healthy hair styles, straightening keratin treatments, and more. Stylist revamps hairstyle with conditioning treatment, blow-dry, style, or haircut to add smoothness and shine to strands. Skilled stylist offers precise cuts and a choice of highlights, providing clients with refreshed and trendy looks.

brazilian blowout near me

Refresh your look with a trendy and stylish balayage, which introduces a subtle color gradient to strands. A skilled stylist restores the beauty of hair by creating new haircuts, applying highlights, blowouts, and deep-conditioning treatments. From the merchant: Top Chicago Salon in the heart of the Loop providing precision haircuts, colors and polished looks. Skillful stylists offer a range of hairstyling services providing clients with refreshed and on-trend looks.

Stylists shampoo and blow-dry hair into a sleek new style, and hair extensions add length and fullness to existing locks. Professional salon offers a variety of hair services including cutting, coloring, conditioning, and styling. Our stylists specialize in blowouts and root touch-up! We have extensive training with all hair types. Professional stylists trained in all hair types. Specialize in root touch-up and blowouts. Two Chicago locations - www. What is a dry bar or blow-dry bar? The answer to your boring hair routine, that's what.

Look for sheer gowns, custom cocktails, and fewer receiving lines. Blowouts Updos 1. Salons Hair Hair Removal Cosmetic Procedures Spas Massages Nails MakeupSkilled stylist updates looks by trimming and styling the strands as well as by applying a face-flattering color and blow-drying hair. From the merchant: we do a vast array of services from deep conditioning, coloring, Extensions, and Brazilian blowouts and more. Salon offers a vast range of professional hair services from cuts and deep conditioning treatments to coloring and Brazilian blowouts.

From the merchant: My salon studio is a salon where you leave your problem at the door and enjoy the aromatherapy as you enter.

Aiming to provide clients with relaxation, studio offers services like scalp massage, aromatherapy, and hairstyling. Skillful stylists offer a range of hairstyling services providing clients with refreshed and on-trend looks.

Optionally paired with a trendy cut, hair-smoothing treatments use chemical formula to strengthen the hair shaft and lead to silky hair. Professionally performed blowout can make hair appear naturally straight and healthy as well as eliminate frizz and promote radiant shine. Skilled stylist provides hair services designed to improve the condition and appearance of hair for a more attractive look. Professional stylist aims to create new looks with precise cuts and makes it voluminous with blow-dries and blowouts.

Our stylists specialize in blowouts and root touch-up! We have extensive training with all hair types. Professional stylists trained in all hair types. Specialize in root touch-up and blowouts. Two Chicago locations - www. Smoothing blowouts are complemented by deep conditioning treatments that strengthen the hair, reducing breakage and frizz. Brazilian blowout straightening treatment is designed to get rid of frizz and improve the quality and texture of damaged hair.

Clients can refresh their looks with a wash and blow-dry, or trim offered by a skillful hairstylist. From the merchant: Ghita will blow out your hair with her signature Firefly Blowout and will leave you ready to face the day in style.

From the merchant: Shampoo and blow-dry service with a deep condition by appointment only. Available Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Stylists nourish strands with an intensive mask before updating dos with trendy cuts or heals split-ends with Brazilian blowout. Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you.

Blowouts in and near Chicago, IL. Salons Hair Nails Blowouts Updos 1. Tanning Spas 1. Brazilian blowout leaves hair sleek, shiny, and frizz-free for up to three months.

Blowouts & Styling in and near Chicago, IL

Stop in for a professional shampoo, condition and blowout. Skilled stylist creates voluminous yet smooth looks using blowout technique. Lake Shore Dr. Two Options Available. Expert stylists add smoothness and volume to hair with blowout treatments.We offer amazing blowouts for all hair types.

Like most blow dry bars we do not cut or color. Licensed and trained stylists wash, blow dry, and style your hair, just how you like it. Our stylist use luxurious products which customers can purchase in our salon.

You will be amazed by what our pros can accomplish with a blow dryer, a round brush and luxurious products. Our blowouts are highly sought after. From scalp massages to hair extensions and full face makeup, our collection of services can provide you with a gorgeous look that will blow away your expectations. A luxurious shampoo and conditioning with a salon styled blowout for clients with Hair Extensions.

A luxurious shampoo and conditioning with a salon styled blowout for clients with Hair Extensions with a Hot Tool. A luxurious shampoo and conditioning with a salon styled blowout, as well as full makeup application using Smashbox Cosmetics.

A luxurious shampoo and conditioning with a salon styled blowout with a Hot Tool, as well as full makeup application using Smashbox Cosmetics. A shampoo and conditioning with a salon styled blowout, perfect before hitting the mall or movies. A shampoo, conditioning, and styled blowout fit for royalty, but made for your little princess. Is your hair thick and curly? How about fine and frizzy? Or even just simply unmanageable? Brazilian Blowout is a customizable smoothing treatment that will give you immediate smooth, frizz free results!

Results last up to 12 weeks. With warmer temperatures and increased humidity around the corner consider the benefits of the Brazilian Blowout:. Choose a set of false eyelashes from our Velour Lashes. With the proper care, you can continue to wear these lashes up to 25 times. Get a partial or full updo, with already shampooed hair, in whichever stunning style you prefer.

A hair therapy treatment that brings your hair back to life with intense nourishment, strength, and shine. Available in 40 different shades and 4 lengths. Available in 40 different shades and 6 lengths. Uniquely designed and unlike any other product available, each piece has built-in, gradual layers, providing the most natural blend with your own hair.

Uniquely designed and unlike any other product available, each piece has built-in, gradual layers, providing the most natural blend with your own hair, now in Balayage Blends. The Fall can easily transform your hair in a matter of seconds! Placed at the crown of the head, The Fall is secured by four comfortable, silicone-coated clips that attach to your natural hair while remaining damage free. Professional hairstyling and makeup trial runs for the bride at Primp and Blow.

Wedding Salon Services for Brides. Recreating the gorgeous look you loved during your trial run.Houston loves the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment. Some of the best hair stylists in the country live in Houston and the sweltering summer weather destroys their fabulous styles. Fortunately, services like the Brazilian Blowout and the Keratin Smoothing Treatment have come to our rescue. The Brazilian Blowout ranks as one of the most popular smoothing treatments in the country… especially Texas.

American Salon gave the service its Professional Choice Award five times. The treatment works by depositing a protective layer of protein on each hair strand, thereby sealing the cuticle. Smooth, shiny, bouncy and frizz free hair is the result. And not only does your hair look better, it is also far more manageable and healthy thanks to added hydration.

What makes the Brazilian Blowout so special? First, its unique bonding system allows for client customization. Want to keep some of your curls? Want to go totally smooth? It can do that too! Other great perks include a fast service time and a lifespan of ten to twelve weeks. The best part, it works on all hair types from fine and wavy to thick, damaged and coarse.

The Brazilian Blowout may also be performed on, and help, color treated hair. Finally, your hair has no down time so you can immediately go do hot yoga at the gym, take a shower or put your hair up in a high pony. Sounds pretty good. We truly only have a few words of caution.

First, to maximize your treatment, only use shampoos with sulfate and chlorine free formulas. Doing so will help preserve the seal on you hair. Second, you have to wait at least two weeks to color your hair after receiving the treatment. Lastly, we do recommend that you schedule a consultation at one of our Houston hair salons prior to the service. We offer both the Brazilian Blowout and the Keratin Complex treatment and our hair stylists will help you decide which one is best for you.

We are confident that after you have tried one of our smoothing treatments you will agree that they are not only game changers, but a necessity. For service pricing, check out our service menu. To stay current with beauty news, life hacks and product reviews, visit our blog. River Oaks Hair Salon. Hyde Park Hair Salon.

Royal Oaks Hair Salon. View Our Service Menu. Upper Hand operates three award winning Houston hair salons. Our salons are nationally recognized and have been featured on television more than times. We specialize in all types of hair services including cuts, hair color, hair extensions and keratin treatments. Skip to main content Skip to footer Show Offscreen Content.

The Upper Hand Hair Salons.Have you ever wished that your hair was more manageable? Had more shine? It is a fantastic non-toxic hair treatment that does not damage hair. In fact, the more times you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. And, the more damaged your hair is to begin with, the more dramatic the results and the longer it will last.

The result is shiny, silky hair that is easier to style than ever before. We feature the Brazillian Blowout products, offering three types of smoothing services for distinct individual needs. These products are completely safe and are OSHA compliant. Gentle enough to use on all hair types, Brazillian Blowout Smoothing Treatments encase the hair follicle with amino acid bonds to promote healing, block the effects of humidity, and prevent environmental toxins from entering the hair.

With each treatment the hair becomes:. You leave with your hair styled with no waiting period before you can shampoo. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type, and many enjoy this service prior to summer for care-free hair that lasts the whole season!

The full Brazillian Blowout treatment is a more complex treatment, offering increased durability and longevity than the express blowout, lasting 3 - 5 months. It is the only treatment recommended to smooth resistant curly hair.

The express blowout will smooth your hair only for up to 60 days. Both treatments are shampooed prior to the end of your service, so you leave with clean hair while experiencing the exact results immediately. Will my hair become totally straight? Results vary from person to person, based on their hair's curl intensity and coarseness. What if my hair is already chemically treated or damaged?

Best Places For A Brazilian Blowout In Houston

This treatment actually gives the best results on damaged, porous hair. This treatment restores your hair to become silky, shiny, and more manageable. This can safely be applied to bleached, highlighted, and color treated hair and will actually improve the condition of the hair. What happens as it grows out? This treatment is slowly washed out of your hair in an average of months. What if I've already chemically straightened my hair? This can be applied directly over any other form of hair straightening.

Can I color my hair? You can color your hair the same day, immediately prior to the smoothing service. The color will be sealed in, leaving the hair vibrant and extending the life of the color. Otherwise, you can color your hair 2 weeks after your smoothing service. Is this safe for African-American hair or other ethnic types of curl? Brazillian Blowout Smoothing Treatments are safe and effective on all curl types, regardless of ethnicity. What is involved in the full smoothing procedure? Your hair will be rinsed and styled as normal prior to the completion of your service.

Once the treatment is completed, it is important to follow a prescribed regimen in order to maintain the sleek, silky texture. Can I use my favorite shampoo?If you have thought that your frizzy or curly hair could never be straight and manageable, think again.

Brazilian blowouts are a hot trend in hair styling, transforming hard-to-style hair into smooth, effortless locks. This treatment works on all hair lengths. Find out where in the Houston area you can get your hair straightened and healthy looking with a Brazilian blowout.

Azur Salon S. Shepherd Drive Houston, TX www. Situated on South Shepherd Drive, Azur Salon has a modern feel inside that pairs well with the up-to-date services it offers. This salon offers a complimentary consultation prior to the treatment to see if you are a good candidate. Michelle Mascari is an individual stylist with her own salon on Westheimer Road. She specializes in offering custom hair extensions, but she is also a professional purveyor of the Brazilian blowout.

The system she uses requires no formaldehyde or harsh chemicals, leaving your hair healthy and straight for up to 12 weeks. She will consult with you about what you want to do with your hair and give you the services needed to get that look. Houston, TX www. LL Hair Studio features a warmer look inside compared to some other salons. The dark wood flooring and wood bases on the furniture make the main area of this salon look more like your living room than a hairstyling spot.

You can even get a haircut or coloring before your blowout if desired. The Hairdresser on Memorial is a simple name for a stylish salon. The Hairdresser on Memorial takes only 90 to minutes for the treatment, which is a shorter time for the blowout than at most other salons. You can also get the acai aftercare products from The Hairdresser to ensure that your newly straight hair remains looking healthy for up to 12 weeks.

The salon also has products to protect your hair from saltwater or chlorine damage if you intend to swim after your treatment. Since pools can be used for almost nine months out of the year in Houston, this is an important factor in the care of your Brazilian blowout. Midtown Retreat Louisiana St. Midtown Retreat is a salon that offers the standard three-hour Brazilian blowout treatment, but it uses the Zero products for this treatment.

The difference in the Zero line of Brazilian blowout products is that is does not release formaldehyde during use, application or wear, making it safer for both the stylist and the person receiving the treatment. Crystal Hessong ia a freelance writer and a lifelong, fourth generation Houstonian. Her work can be found at Examiner. EST on Sunday, February 7. Best Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In Houston Saint Patrick's Day is one of the most popular days in the United States for parties and Houston has several ways to celebrate with friends or family.

Visit these must-try locally owned coffee shops in Houston. These five places represent the best ways to partake in Houston's art scene while showing your unending support.

brazilian blowout near me

Best Crafty Classes In Houston Arts and crafts are often associated with children, but a crafty class can reap many benefits on adults as well as young people.

Walk in any direction out of U. Look no further. Below are some of the most beloved spots in the City of Lakes within walking distance, or a short Lyft ride, from U. Bank Stadium.She does a great job with blow outs and color. You are my go to stylish. I would recommend you to anyone especially those with natural hair wanting to see their straight and bouncy You are the greatest See All.

Known for transforming naturally kinky hair into straight silky smooth tresses. Perfection is the key. With blessed hands and customers beautiful personalities almost anything is achievable.

Men's Curly to Straight Hair Tutorial - Brazilian Blowout

I have been in the business over 20 years and am very passionate about my craft. I look forward to meeting you. See More. Purchase a Digital Gift Card. Charisma M. Dec 28, Get updates about Katrina The Blowout Queen 's appointment availability.

This is added on to any style. This service is great for gray coverage Price May vary depending on length and Price are base prices and are subject to change depending on what needs to be do With this service Hair is lightened and desired color will be applied. This is a Basic sew-in with a side or middle part and looks very natural. No Sew Hair is Shampooed, Braided down, glued on a cap and styled. Hair with be Shampooed and conditioned, braided down and sewed in No Sewins on S Hair is cleansed with a Detox shampoo followed by a Protein treatment, Moisturi Includes a Detoxifying shampoodeep condition or protein treatment, Trimp This services comes with a style and a conditioning treatment.

I am pleased with the results of my hair and look forward to being a regular client.

brazilian blowout near me

Chaira M. She had open communication from beginning to end. I loved my hair afterwards it was so soft and pretty. Will be going back.

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